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Are you looking for a good smart watch for yourself right now?The smart watch is a watch that is never out of fashion and it looks very good as well,

so we have brought some smart watch for you which is very economical And at low prices,

Let’s discuss a little bit about what makes them different from the other smart watch


  1. Fastrack reflex 2.0

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If we talk about the brand of Fastrack, it is known as a very stylish band.

If we talk about the function, then Fastrack knows what the function has given in its watch, it has a phone finder inside it.

How it works. When you forgot your phone somewhere or it is away from you. It connects to your GPS and the location on your phone.

It provides you with display notifications. Like social media and Gmail notifications, you can also handle the camera from it.

By the fastrack company provides distance covered, steps taken, and calories burnt, sleep tracker and call notification.

when we talk about the battery life that’s is the import part of electronics item. The company has provides 10 days battery backup on this device.

Good battery performance.
No issue of connectivity
whatsapp, Instagram, messages and other notification are instantly working.


Also counts the steps when you are biking and travelling in transport.

Company should provide some feature so that when not exercising it stops counting steps and only show notifications
a little bit inaccurate in steps checking but in all it is a good step checker.


  2.Figment smart band

tech to technology                                                                                                       

If we talk about this company, then Figment smart band company smart watch is very good and quite comfortable.

In this company smart watch you will get real time data. Which shows on your screen.

As you are ruining, writing, walking and together you also get to know your heart beat. It has an OLED touch screen, along with a good battery backup,

it connects to Android 4.4 or above and iOs 7.0 and above. And it fits in this budget.

The All-New Fitness Band, Soft, Skin-Friendly Strap, 30 Features Rolled Into One. This is the lowest price for smart watch.

Download” yoho sport “app from Play store or App Store. All android phones, iPhone


   3.Holy high


This is another very cheap brand.If we talk about the watch of this brand in the line of smart watch.

then this brand is providing us such as heart rate, step counter, messages, call reminder and sleep monitor etc.

And this along with ip67 water proof Comes.

Talking about its battery backup, it runs for 7 days, which the company claims.

if we talk about the connectivity of this brand, then it connects with Android 4.4 above and iOS 7 above,which makes it quite different in this range of watch.


Good battery backup, charged it only 1 time and using it from pas 24 hours with connected to my mobile, and still battery is 91%

very easy to connect with phones

it gives each and every notification on band by just giving a small vibration

got one extra strap also with this, that also of same quality, it’s just awesome

The display also shows all the required information

Step counter is also a good function in this band and it accurately counts the step


No heart rate sensor

  4.AQFIT multifunction smart watch


It has international standard rating ip68 5 ATM waterproof.

Its display is 1.33 inches which comes with anti-scratch toughened glass. .2.5 d is its curved surface. And its design is metallic unibody design.

When we talk about its function, this  watch comes with face customization.

you can monitor your heart rate in it, its display is quite large, 1.33 inch IPS display has it, with your blood pressure real time organ pedometer and multi sport mode monitoring.

Talking about the battery, when your uses is very heavy then it still run for 5 days, the rest which is its battery backup is 10 days.



On looks good
Pedometer- accurate (but counts increase on shaking also)
Sleep tracking – accurate
It can also read heart rate, blood pressure and spo2 of non-living objects ( table , books etc).

That’s pretty awesome how these companies are fooling us (all smart watches and band have this features so we don’t count it
but surprisingly it’s accurate sometimes in human beings

  5. AmazFit BIT Lit

tech to technology                                                                                                

If we talk about the new highlighted feature of this watch.

this brand is claiming that the battery backup of this smart watch is 45 days and it is also water proof.

The display is always on and easily readable under bright sunlight.

the company is also providing us some good things. Receive notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages and other apps. Sedentary reminders if you’ve been sitting too long

You can also swim with the brand watch. It’s also track your heart rate, sleep track, sports modes,

as well ass you will get notification your social networking.


1) It is visible under direct sunlight and even the slightest light reflecting on the glass makes it is viewable no need to enable the back light. This was not the case for MI band 3 and you will not be able to see under sunlight
2) the notifications and call details are more easily readable than on the MI band 3. Do note you can only reject the call from watch same as MI band

1) Fitness tracker is for me only indicative of what I do and never bothered about 90% or above accuracy.
2) Doing the daily regular activities I did not find much visible difference between this watch and MI band 3.

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