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Best Budget Laptop under 30k | Amazon Great Indian Festive 2019

Do you confuse which laptop you want, or which laptop good for you.

we have brought 30k low budgets laptops for you. and we will tell you their pros and cons.

This laptop is for work and for games not so much heavy game.  If you are looking at this in your budget.

So this is going to be a great deal for you.

Let us discuss a little bit about what is special about these laptops.

we will discuss about the top 5 laptops  as well as we will discuss  about acer aspire, asus vivobook and lenovo ideapad 330 in our coming days

  1. Dell Vostro                                                     

A fairly good laptop has been given by Dell Company. If we talk about its function, then it comes in 8th generations of Intel Core I3.

Which has 2 core. And along with 3.9 GHz turbo speed,

if you talk about memory, it comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM and 1 Terabyte hard disk.

Talking about its display, it comes with a 14-inch display and along with Intel HD graphic will also be seen in it.

The battery life is 6 hours and weight is 1.7 KG.

It is the best laptop in this price range.

Intel i3 processor of 8th gen.
Very fast

first time installation of windows is tough for a person who is not into deep R&d of systems.
For installing windows 10, please use Rufus software. It will help you to install without any issue.


2. HP 14 Q                                             

If we talk about HP laptop, then it is also a good brand and if we talk about the function,

Then the company is providing us the 7th generation laptop of Intel i3 which will give 2.3 is the base processor.

If we talk about OS, then it’s come in DOS. Which provide you to install any other operating system in your laptop, we talk about the display,

then it is also providing a 14-inch display. which comes in Intel’s 620 HD graphics. Let’s discuss about memory,

it comes with 4GB of RAM and 1 TB of hard disk. The laptop weight 1.5KG and has a battery backup of 7 hours.

Which is the company claiming and its come without CD drive.


  1. 1.5 Kg laptop – light in weight than any other brand in this price segment
  2. Compact in size – The 14-inch screen is quite convenient to operate and carry
  3. Mouse pad and keyboard is quite good. Suitable for rough use.
  4. The webcam is not of great quality but it fulfills its purpose.
  5. Battery life is pretty decent, it’s last long for 5.5 hours.


  1. The only drawback we noticed is, Delay in Boot up time. It takes almost 45sec+ to load the home page.


3. Lenovo Ideapad

tech to technology                                 

Lenovo is a well-known brand and their laptops are in high demand in the market.

If we talk about Lenovo’s function then it comes in the 7th generation processor of Intel Core I3. Whose speed is 2.3 GHz. and you will get pre-loaded Windows 10 genuine.

Talking about the display, its comes 14 inch display and also comes with anti-glare technology.

Talking of memory, it comes with 4GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk.

The laptop weighs 1.6 KG and if we talking about the battery, it comes 5.5 hours battery backup.

And it comes with without LAN port, the Lenovo has been given dual fan .which makes your laptop cool with long time uses.


4. HP AMD RyZen

thech to technolgoy                         

If we talk about hp rayzen laptop then it’s good for gaming in this price segment.

when we discuss about the function it’s not come into the Intel processor .

Its comes into the AMD RAYZEN 3 processor .which comes in 2.5 GHZ speed.  I

ts comes preloaded win 10 genuine o/s. When we talk about the display it’s come in 15.6 inch. And weight 2.04 kg as well as CD drive available in it.

It comes in 4GB RAM which you can expand it into 16 GB RAM and 1TB hard disk also available in this laptop.

As well as it is come in AMD Radon Vega 3 graphics.

1 Amd ryzen processor it’s have better multi thread performance when compare to intel i3good for gaming
2 Performance u can run high-end game’s in this. If u upgrade ur ram to 8 GB it will run like a pro
3 you have m2 slot for SSD
4 Fast charging it takes around 45 min to charge 50% and battery is inbuilt
5 its coming with Windows 10 life time validity.
6 Comes with DVD drive and smooth finished coating.
7 Light weight only 2 kg
8 Price Best in segment.

1 just a HD display not FHD
2 Battery last up to 7 to 8hrs approx. in gaming 6 to 7hrs
3 Yeah its Heating up little bit but not much.


5. Lenovo ideapad S145

tech to technology                             

If we talk about Lenovo’s function, then it comes in the 8 generation processor of Intel Core i3.

which makes it the most different is that by turning it to 180 degrees. you can turn it to 180 degrees.

its better then the Lenovo ideapad 330. when you use it for work and little bit for game .

And you are getting it in this budget, if we talk about the display, then it comes with a 15.5-inch display and also has an FHD display.

The laptop weight 1.85 KG. Battery life is 5.5 hour. It has 4GB of RAM and Comes with 1 Terabyte Hard Disk.

It is with Without Optical Drive.

1)The design of laptop is excellent with premium built quality. It feels very slim and lightweight for daily usage.
2) Booting speed is great (8-9 second) and the HDD is fast enough for daily productivity.
3) The keyboard is a decent one for a laptop with a textured coating. Feels real premium.
4) The touch-pad is awesome and responsive with windows 10 gestures.
5) Display quality is very good at this price range. Even at bright sunlight, you can view the display effectively. Also its a Full HD display with anti-glare coating.


1) Sound is okay but the bass is not upto the point. Anyway, you can always kick in a Bluetooth speaker.
2) The display lacks color accuracy when compared with the premium ones.
3) Battery backup is average.

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