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1. Huawei is coming soon

The good tech news for Huawei is coming soon. The US government had put it in the NTT list in the morning.

And in May, the company was put on the ban list. That we will give license to some company.

And these special licenses are for the technology company. In this, 60 companies applied.

In which there is also a Google, very soon the government will tell, who will get this license.

And if Google gets the license then you can get to see Google’s service on Huawei and Honor.

Which will also have Google Play Store and Google ecosystem. So that’s a big news

2. Vivo design logo

If you are creative or a designer. So this tech news is for you . Vivo has completed 5 years in India.

And they have put a contest. With Vivo Make in India, you have to make such a logo.

hich represents Make in India. If you are selected, you will win five lac rupees and this design will be printed in every box of Vivo.


3 Samsung 9611 processor is coming

Big tech news from now, very soon Samsung is about to launch its A series phone A51 in India.

Which is the success of a50. There is a 9611 processor coming in it.

Which will have 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM as well as 128GB variant. And with the quad camera setup in it.

It has a 3.5 mm jack. There is a USB Type C port. And it will be quite good. And is going to be launched this month.

Such reports are coming out. When it will come. Then we will tell you about its details.

4. Samsung s11 will launch

The next tech news is also related to Samsung. Which is the s11 flagship phone of S series.

Which will be launched in India around June-July. There are two things to come in this.

One is the Bright HMX, which is a 108 megapixel sensor. You can see it on its back side.

And the setup of the quard core will be in it. Not only that, but it is some roomers .

who are saying that you can get a triple camera setup in its front side.

That means there are going to be a total of 7 cameras including front and back.

5. Asus 6Z android 10 updates

If you have a 6Z smartphone of Asus Company. That is, the same flip camera that is used in front and back side way mode.

So tell you, you will get the update of Android 10. But this is a roll out updates . Which some people are getting.

And some people are not getting it.So if you have this phone. So you can check its update by going to your settings.

6. xiaomi 2500 stores in India

Last tech news is from xiaomi company.

xiaomi company has opened its 2500 stores in India.

If seen, it is a 6 year old company. Which has easily defeated Samsung.

Whereas Samsung has been in India for 15 to 20 years.

So Well done xiaomi company to complete six years and as well as congratulations for 2500 stores in India.


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