Tech News ,Realme 6 pro Penta , Whatsapp ,Xiaomi and Apex Legend Game

Nowadays there is a lot of technology news in the world.

But we have brought news related to some selected technology for you. Which is going to be updated very soon, so we discus.

What’s special about the news . let we discuss

   1. Indians debit cards and credit cards hack by Dark Web Site

Talking about the first news, it is very shocking news. If you tell us about it, then you will be surprised yourself.
This is news for Indians here. That there is a website in India with around 1.3 million debit cards and credit cards called Dark Web Site.
Which is the iligal website. Which you can name anything. Debit cards and credit cards of the people of India are selling online there.
And each card is being charged $ 100. And the legal company, which can be a clone copy of these cards, can use the card and miss it.
The dark web site page has a section which is Joker Stress. Where the card is negotiated.
It is being told that they have installed some devices in the ATM machine somewhere.
Where the details of the card are hacked and use this device to listen to the misses.
Due to which they are using it to increase their sales. And this is not the first time.
It happened in the USA in February. Around 2.3m American’s car details were also stolen and joker stress were inserted.
This time we are stuck in its clutches.
We cannot do anything of this because it is very difficult to stop this thing, this community is very big and very powerful.

2. whatsapp pay

tech to technolgy

The news that is coming from the other side. Is from whatsapp.
Officially WhatsApp Pay is going to be launched in WhatsApp very soon in India.
Yes, it has not yet been launched on WhatsApp. It is currently in test mode.
Which is more than 1 million people using it. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg called it Where’s Officely.
We are going to launch WhatsApp Pay very soon. And there is a possibility that its 400 million users will be available very soon.
And this will help many people inside India. Which is the government inside India. He is being pressurized by RBI.
There are data and Complaints in Facebook. They have to follow. Store whatever WhatsApp data is local, not globally.
So Whatsapp Pay was not being allowed. WhatsApp has a privacy corner in India that has to be followed.
If Mark Zuckerberg launches it in India. So apps like Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay can see a big competition.


3. Xiaomi MICCA 9 Pro TV 5 on November 5

Let’s go to the next news, there is a lot of interesting news coming from Xiaomi here.
Where there is MICCA 9 Pro TV 5 on November 5, which is coming for new sales.
And this is going to be launched soon. In which he has also shared a new poster.
You will find very few bezels in it. And there will be a narrow edge display.
And the side may have written Design by Xiaomi but Xiaomi has never given such a label in its TV.
Which you can see here. Which is TV series of Mi series. She is going to be awesome. And here is also a short video of Mi Watch.
Where you will get to see the MIUI. And how it will work. It will be known only when it is available in the market.
it is very excited for miCC9. Here the phone with 5 cameras comes with 108 megapixels.
It has a front curved display. Which has come out in the poster. And in this, you will get to see 5207mAh battery.
Also, a 30W charger will be found in it.
That is, your phone will charge up to 58 percent in 30 minutes and in 65 minutes it will full charge your battery.
On Google, it will come with Mi10. Do you know it can also come with miA4?

4. Apex Legend Game

The big news that is coming out here is the Apex Legend Game.
Which has not happened even 1 year. And within 1 year they have accumulated 70 million users.
It is from EA Company. It is an online game. This game is designed to compete games such as Pubg and Call of Duty.
And within 1 week of its arrival 25 million users were reached. And it has also completed the 70 million mark.
And you may get to play this game in smartphones very soon. If it comes in a smartphone.
So its graphics are so overwhelming that it can give a tough competition to games like Call of Duty, PUBG and Fortnite.
And this game can give a big competition to Tencent Company. Are you excited for the APEX Legend Game.
And if you want to see it on your smartphone. So you can tell us by commenting.

5. Apple company

Yes, there is amazing news coming from Apple.
Ever since Apple’s smartphones i.e. the iPhone 11 have started selling a lot.
Since then, even a moment has passed over the seventh sky. Now its manufacturing has started in India too.
Ever since the iPhone 10XR came out. The iPhone’s are scheduled to be launched in 2020 next year.
In them you can see a 15Nm processor. Which is very powerful. The Apple which is using the processor in its phone is also very powerful.
But by 2020 Apple will have a 15Nm processor. Which will be a much more powerful processor than Android.
Together, iPhone’s will provide us 5G by 2020. In which you can see a display of 1020 hers.


6. Realme 6 pro Penta Camera 

tech to technolgy

Which is small but very big news. That is the Penta Camera of Realme 6 pro.
This was quite a popular news on YouTube. And this is news fake. Which was spread by a YouTube.
Realme has categorically denied this. That she is launching a six-camera phone that was mocked by a child in YouTube.
On his boxing, he had printed and pasted a level, due to which this news became quite viral.
And quite a few blogs were also written on it. But after some investigation, all these things came out.
So you will not get to see six cameras in Realme 6 pro . Because it was a fake news.

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