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1. twitter will improve

The first big tech news is coming from Twitter. Twitter is going to improve a lot here.

And mostly in the case of security. Twitter will implement all the feedback received in 2020 by 2020.

Most of the matter has come out on this. Now what will twitter work for? So you cannot repeat any tweet.

Without their permission. If you use twitter Then you will know. Until the front one allows you.

If you tag here too. Your permission will have to be taken. And there is also a lot of feedback which Twitter will use to allow it.

2. Vivo India

Second Tech News is coming from Vivo. And Vivo is also getting a lot of growth in India.

Which is Vivo’s manufacturing plant in Noida. He produces 25 m of annual product there.

And now taking it to 35 million units. Here Vivo is investing 7.30 thousand crores.

Where two thousand people will hire him. Which is a very good thing. And people are benefiting from it.

Which companies in India are bringing their manufacturing unit to India.

And Vivo and Samsung are going to have a huge 5G event inside China. Where Samsung will use the chip of Exyons 985.

Inside there phone. And Vivo X30 and X30 Pro will also be unravel there.

Which will be on the quad camera. And they will also have a 64 megapixel camera. And it will be a very good flag ship phone.

3. Qualcomm

anther tech news from Qualcomm ,The Qualcomm company has said that it is expected to have more than 200 million 5G smartphones by 2020.

And hope that it will come to India as well. And here is going to be faster than 4G.

In which you can stream fast live along with fast download. And who will give the fastest technology in this.

He is an Apple. Yes, Apple is the Clint of Qualcomm. Apple buys the chip from Qualcomm itself.

There is a lot of company working in it. So let’s see how long these 5G smartphones are available.


fourth Tech News is coming from NASA. He sent voyager 1 and voyager 2 to the craft of space.

And this is why they left this space system. So that they can get information about our solar system.

And currently voyager 2 is 12milion miles away from the earth. And voyager 2 has just sent a signal to Earth.

Where some images have come out. Which NASA has not yet revealed this images.

NASA did not expect that the Voyager 2 would be able to survive in space; it took 40 years to reach there.

And what pictures have come out in it. And what things will come out of it. Nothing has been disclosed yet.

If pictures come out in front. So you can watch it live on the internet.

5. Nokia T.V

Nokia soon partnered with Flipkart. Will launch Nokia’s TV. So Nokia’s Smart TV is coming to Finally in India.

Even before this, Motorola’s TV came. Which came in partnership with Flipkart.

And there is internal news coming from the flipkart. That he has collabrat with the Harman Company.

thats giving the Dolby sound quality in Nokia. It will come in him. You will get to see a lot of sound quality in it.

The Nokia’s smart TV. Now you can see it very soon in India. this is the big tech news by the nokia

6. Poco F2

The last tech news is coming from xiaomi. That Poco f2 can be seen in the last month of this month.

That is, it can come till December end. And Poco f2 will come to compete  Realme X2 Pro.

When Poco F1 came, it came to compete OnePlus. And this time in Realme will come to compete X2 Pro.

And it can come between November 20 and November 25. And in this Poco f2 will be seen at a slightly lower price.

Which will come 855+. Which such news is coming out. by xiaomi

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