Tech news Microsoft glass data ,ISRO projects, Samsung s11, color OS7

1. Microsoft glass data

The first big tech news is coming from Microsoft. Microsoft is working on its silica project.

There was a time when we used to get data in kb. After that we get data in tb in hard drive.

Which used to be this storage. They used to get spoiled by falling into the water.

But now Microsoft has found the technology to store data inside glass.

the data we get now will be stored inside the glass.

And its breakdown, fall and submerged water together will not spoil the data.

Its glass is made 2 mm strong. Will not break even if it falls under.

That is, now the data we carry with us will be in the format of glass.

Microsoft has said that this glass data will be used in cloud storage.

maybe in the future. Make it commercial so that we can use the data in day to day life as well.

2. ISRO projects

Let’s talk about ISRO tech news which was our Vikram Lander. He was hard land instead of soft.

But ISRO is not one to stop. ISRO is working on a new project.

In which he will attend Soft Landing, his second project named Aditya L1.

Along with this, the projection of its solar power is also going on.

And in the coming years, ISRO is also working on its space project.

So that he can send Humans out into space. And ISRO’s work is going on in full swing.

It has a new project Deep sea is underway. That is, ISRO is progressing on progress.

Which is a very good thing. Together we support ISRO. So that he keeps illuminating the name of India with the same strength.

3. Samsung replaced there processor

And here are two big tech news coming from Samsung. The first is bad news, and the second is good news.

The first news is Samsung makes its Exynos processor. And makes it custom built in your smartphone.

But Samsung is about to shut down its processor. So it will replace it with ARM processor.

In which it will not make its own custom core. Samsung has been using this technology since 1977.

Which they have now closed. But the Exynos processors will keep on coming, but you will not get to see custom code in it.

4 Samsung S11

We all know that Samsung will launch the S11 smartphone. Which will be 108 megapixels.

Its camera which has been used in this phone. You can see that second generation camera in it.

That is, you can get bright photos in low light.

It will be launched next year, then we will be able to provide you with it more thoroughly.

5. color OS 7

All of you guys were waiting for the color os 7. Which is going to come on 20 November.

You will see this in it Realme X2 Pro. You can see when it launches in India.

Right now some user interfaces of Color OS7 have come out.

Which looks very good. But it will be released when it is released.

What is new in this? And you can also see some details of this color OS7 on YouTube.

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