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   1. Google buy Fitbit company

The first tech news from Google. Google has become very serious in variable materials.

Yes in variable material. Such as fitness bands and fitness watches. That’s why Google has bought the Fitbit company.

And that too in a cash deal. Who bought it for 2 point one billion dollars. And you may soon see Google’s branding in Fitbit.

These will be Google’s devices. In which you are going to have a lot of fun.

2. Tiktok smart phone

The other big news is that Tiktok has also launched its smartphone in China.

In this, the Chinese company that makes smartphones. Has collaborated with him and launched his smartphone.

And if it will launch in India, then its price is being told 29000. Which is for 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

And in the above variant, the price is being told 35000. Which will be with 12gb RAM and 256 ROM.

It will be a Tiktok company phone. For more information about this, we will provide you the detail through this page.


3. MideaTeck 5G coming

The third news that is MideaTeck is coming with an integrated 5G chipset and this chip-set is said to be for mid-range phones.

This chip-set will come in all the variants of phones which are the below 20000rs.

The cores that are going to be in it are going to be with Cortex A76. This would be a mid-range phone for them.

Which is a very good thing. That is, you can now see 5G in it.

4. OnePlus Android 10 updates

If you have OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6t. So Android 10 update has started.

That is, it is a face roll-out. Some people are getting its updates.

And some people are not getting its update anywhere.

If you have a phone, then you can set the German location by going to its VPN settings.

So that you get its updates. If you want to stay for a few more days, then your updation will come in 1 week or 10 days.

4 . Samsung Tizan OS

Which is the fifth news. Which is related to Smart TV. Now we can get to watch tizan OS with Android TV.

Which is basically Samsung’s Linux base OS system. Samsung has made it open source.

That is, many other companies can use this software or OS. And third party apps have also been supported in it.

Such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. Most other third party apps support this. And soon it will be coming to India.

When it comes, we will provide you information with details about its features.

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