iPhone 11 Pro and 11 max pro

Apple’s new phones have been in great discussion for a long time, let us discuss a little on what new features are in these new phones of Apple and what makes them special.

iphone 11pro 

For the first time in its history in Apple, a phone has been called by the name of Pro, this is the first time the word Pro has been used, so know what is special in it.

If you talk about the design then you get a stainless steel frame which is very good and very special but it scratches very easily. Compared to aluminium frame. Which is seen in iPhone 11.

If you talk about the right side then you will get to see the sleek way key in the iPhone 11. And you will be able to put a single sim in it. And the second SIM will be E-SIM which you can use over Airtel and Jio.

On the side of the iPhone 11 pro and 11 Pro Max, you will find a volume rocker and a silent switch. Which is in typically Apple fashion. Also at the bottom you will get two grill. first grill which is for speaker and second is for mic.

And it comes with Dolby Sound support. Which gives very good quality on the new phones.

If we talk about back panel then we get frosted glass which is in all the i Phones.

colors & Display :

Talking about color, it is available in four colors.

  1. Gold 
  2. Space gray 
  3. Silver
  4. Mid night cream

If I talk about my favorite color, I like gold and mid night cream which gives a classic look and luxurious feel, with this glossy camera, this completes one of the best looks within the entire business.

Some people may not like its camera. But gradually it will grow on your eyes and you’re thinking as well.

When the iPhone 10s was launched, no one liked the design of the camera, but it gradually became the number one phone in the world. If you talk about the Apple logo, it has been removed from the top and it is shift in the center.

Some people will criticize it, but it seems to me that there is nothing wrong with it, it will gradually become the choice of the people.

So let’s come to the highlighted futures of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, so here we have the display of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. That is a 5.8 inch display and the other which is an 11 pro max display is a 6.5 inch display.

Which you get to see in iPhone 10s and 10s Max and here Apple has called it Super Retina Display XDR. This is a high resolution display. Whose pixel density is 458 ppi.

And we found the best thing inside the iPhone. That was 3D Touch. There is no pressure sensitive display here. But this is the technology with 3D Touch in IOS 13. It is well optimized through software.

With which you will remember a little bit of 3D Touch and not too much. And an external feature is given in it. Here you get dust and water resistance in IP68. You can submerge your phone in water up to 4 inches.

A13 Bionic chip-set & Battery backup :

If we talk about the chip set, then the iPhone has an A13 bionic chip set. Which is the strongest and most powerful chip-set, this smartphone is the most powerful chip-set in the industry, which is far ahead of Snapdragon 855.

apple chip techtotechnolgy

This means that the upcoming version of Android which can be above 855 can easily beat it, if talk about A12 bionic chip set then this is enough for Snapdragon 855.

And here Apple has brought more CPU and GPU processor than A12 bionic chip set. And at the same time it is very powerful and battery efficiency.

If you talk about the battery, the iPhone phone never tells about its battery, then here we talk about the 11 pro,

then its battery backup is 3190 mAh battery and the other one is the iPhone 11 pro max 3500 mAh battery is available.

you will never compare this battery with Android’s battery because it has an A13 bionic chip set and inside which is the operating system. It makes this battery very good compared to the old iPhone. This means that you will get 5 hours more battery backup in the new phone.

Camera & Video recording :

If we talk about the camera, then the triple rear camera has been given in its back side, which means that all three cameras are 12 megapixels, the first camera is the wide angle camera, the second is the telephoto shoot camera and the third camera which is ultra wide Angle camera.

If you want to capture the angle that was far away, then you can also use telephoto shoot camera.

And we can get to see the night mode in the camera, here Apple claims that we can convert the photo of the night into day. It can turn night photo into day. It has Next Generation Auto HDR. If we talk about the video graphy of iPhone, then it is unbeatable.

If we pick up any Android flagship model, this phone will never be able to beat the video graphics of iPhone.

And if we want to talk about video recording, then here you can see a recording of 4K video 60 fps just like images are not found in the camera called fake pro of other phones.

You can check that quality in this iPhone. And in this you can also take slow motion video with time lap. Also, it gets cinematic stabilization video recording,

its A13 bionic processor is so powerful that you can capture 8 megapixel photos along with video recording.

Talking about the next important feature, it has a front facing camera.

Which is a 12 megapixel true depth camera. Earlier, the phone had 7 megapixels.

Now it will come of 12 megapixels. You can also record 4K video on its front facing camera, it can also record video at 60 fps as well as 12 fps.

Apple is calling its front camera a slofie camera, that is, slow motion camera, you can also make videos in it in slow motion manner.

In another way, you can find all the features that you have found in the rear camera and the same features you are getting in the front camera as well.

Also Apple has given 18W fast charger in their new phone i.e. iPhone series. It does not have Type C port i.e. USB C port is not available inside it. Is not.

Variants :

And Apple has three variants available which will be seen in India very soon.

  1. 64 GB
  2. 256 GB
  3. 512 GB

The Apple 11 pro and 11 Max pro has not been un-boxed yet, so we don’t know much of its positive and negative points. We will present it to you as soon as possible. And it will be un-boxing in the USA on 20 September.

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