Instagram & whatsapp no longer in google playstore


Oh ???? is this right news that Instagram and whatsapp no longer on the play store in coming days.

We never use it again.

The famous application parent mark zuckerberg announced. that they are change there applications name as soon as possible. so this is the biggest networking platform site for the education, business and entertainment application which is the use by all over world.

There are billion of people. who are using the instagram and whatsapp applications for send there text massages videos and music or some are extant there business network by the these famous networking site. so its no longer in google playstore.

So don’t worry about it. because which application we are using right now .you can use it in future & present time.

But there will be change name of the ‘whatsapp from Facebook’ or ‘Instagram from Facebook’. in a years ago we were use the applications with the simple name.

But in the future when you download the application from google play store.  you can see the some changes on there applications name.

for more updates stay tuned. we will brings for you more updates ..



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