Hello beautiful people again, techtotechnolgy brings you a new smart phone Black Shark 2 which means the father of mobile gaming .whats the meaning to father of mobile gaming and why we buy it .there are lot of questions on your mind. So here we go discuss about the black shark 2 gaming mobile phone for gaming lover generation , who are using  to very heavy game on there mobile



The Black shark 2 smartphone was lunched in march 2019 in India .but the shark mobile phone is very common product in china market because they already have that type of smart phones .but in India there are lots of people who wants to play heavy game on there mobile phone. the majority of the people are young generation .who loved there game as well as the there smart phones.

The Black shark 2 smart phone comes with 2 model and two colors options in different price .you can search it on online store .we will give you link on this web page as soon as possible if you are tech savvy .

  • Black shark 2 first comes with color shadow black 128 GB or 6 GB RAM
  • Black shark 2 second comes with color frozen silver 256 GB or 12 GB RAM

These two models comes with very good feature for game lovers .there are million of smartphones in the market some are the famous of there cameras and performance .

If your usages are very heavy or some times your  phones have hanging issue. so this is the way to go with this brand .if you are using more then multi-applications or more usage of game.

  • Powerful processor : the Black shark 2 gives us snapdragon 855 a beast of processor 12 GB RAM or storage capacity of 256 GB .


  • Direct touch liquid cooling 3.0:a directing touch cooling liquid cooling system with full major cooling an over sized cooling plate cover all major components Black shark 2 keep your phone cool or reducing temperature by 14 degree Celsius


  • Ludicrous mode : it means it takes you to next level of gaming experience and it have powerful hardware or optimized software


  • Master touch : the black shark 2 have innovative pressure sensitive display technology this future you let customize zone and trigger on you multiple action on screen.


  • Vration sense


  • Comfortable gaming experience


  • Game on big screen smart antenna : it have x type and two side antenna provide you strong connection .

key feature

  • 12GB RAM /256GB ROM
  • 16.3 cm (6.39 inch) display
  • 48MP+ 12MP / 20MP front camera
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • SM855 (Qualcomm snapdragon premium tier)processor
  • Android 9.0 pie
  • Processor octa core primary clock speed 2.84 GHz
  • Network type :3G , 4G VOLTE ,4G, 2G
  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh


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