Best low budget smart phone under 7000 in 2019

Today we are discuss low budget of  best smartphone under 7000.

By the way, this ₹ 7000 is not such a high price.

what type of phones come nowadays. That contain a lot of specification in lot budget.

So today’s topic is how to buy low budget smart phone under ₹7000  .

So we  bought the right phone in low budget .  So let’s discus a little bit.

   1.Redmi 8a

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This is the Redmi 8 A  low budget smart phone from the Xiaomi company.

in Redmi 8 A  you will get to see 5000 mAh battery. And in this smart phone you will get Type C port in it.

Which is the rest of the phone within this low budget. You will not see the same thing in them.

in Redmi 8A , you will also get to support fast charging, as well as  you will get a 10W charger.

It supports a charger of 18W . In Redmi, you will get a 12 mp rear camera and 8 mp front selfie camera.

You will get its display of 6. 22 inches. Which is comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage.

In Redmi 8 A  you get the processor of Qualcomm 439. Along with this, the support of MIUI is found.

This phone becomes very good in this low budget, and the price of Redmi 8 A  is 6999 for you.

2.Infinix Hot 8

tech to technogy                      

The second low budget smart phone that comes with  lot of specifications.

the  design of Infinix Hot 8 is slightly heavy. Which Infinix company has given a very good phone in this price segment .

Infinix Hot 8 OS is very heavy. Within the price of 7000, you will get to see a triple rear camera in it. It has a processor of Helio P22.

It comes with 4 GB RAM 64GB ROM. And comes with a 6.2-inch HD Plus display. If you want a big phone with a big battery.

So this phone is going to be quite good for you. Its battery is 5000 mAh. That’s why it fits into your low budget

And Infinix Hot 8 also has a fingerprint sensor. you cant see finger print sensor  in any other phone. in low budget .


3.Realme C2 

And here comes the third phone in low budget is Realme C2 . That Realme C2 first used to be at number one a few days ago.

If we talk about its design. It provides the best design in Realme C2 . In Realme C2  you will find a diamond cut design.

Along with this, you will get to see a dual camera. In Realme C2 , you will get to see the MediaTek Helio p22 processor.

There will be 3GB of RAM to see 32GB ROM storage. A 4000 mAh battery is provided in it.

Its screen to body ratio are quite good. the display of Realme C2  is 6.1 inch HD Plus display.

Overall, it is a very good phone. And its price is 6999 and it will also get quite an under-budget phone.

4.Redmi 7a

redmi-7a tech to technolgy

If you need a small phone in low budget.  Nowadays small phones have stopped getting in the market.

so Redmi have this type ,of phone which is Redmi 7a. in Redmi 7a screen size has become 6.2 inches and 6.5 inches for all.

If you need such a phone. So you can go with Redmi 7A.

It has been launched a long time. It has a 5.45 HD Plus display. as well as you will get  4000mAh battery  in it.

The best part is that it has a Qualcomm processor 439.

In Redmi 7a you will get 2GB RAM 32GB ROM. And a 12-megapixel rear camera will be seen.

And the front is a 5 megapixel camera. And its price is 5762 r.s . Overall, it is quite a low budget phone.

If you want normal use or want to watch videos and browse. So this small phone is for you.

And you can go with the Redmi 7a. This is quite an under-budget phone.

5.Vivo y91i

tech to technolgy                                 

The last phone that comes in low budget. That is Vivo y91i, you have a tried and testing processor in it,

you have 2GB RAM 8GB ROM. 4030 mAh battery is available. The price of which is Rs. 6999.

In this you get a 6 point 20 inch HD Plus screen. So it is also big in size. And everything is good in it.

Had 3 GB of RAM. It would have been nice, yet it is a very good phone within the 7000

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