Apple iPhone 13.3 beta version updates & released | whats new in iOS 13.3

tech news twitter ,Vivo India, Qualcomm, NASA, Nokia T.V, Poco F1Apple has released its iOS 13.3 beta version. As there was a multitasking issue before Apple.

Which is 13.2 very bad update we got to see in Apple.

Right now you will get to see  iOS 13.3 with 413 MB updates in Apple.

the update of  iOS 13.2 Multi Tasking issue was coming. now Apple has solved it.


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This issue solved in the old and new iPhone’s. Very soon you will get to see the public beta version in it.

Whatever issue iPhone users were facing in the previous version. Now the Apple company has given this solution in apple iOS 13.3 beta version.

Very soon it will be in stable version. So let’s know what’s new in this apple iOS 13.2 beta version

1. Battery drain issue

The first thing was the problem of battery drain. Which has been solved by the Apple company. Or it is solved.

2.  Add the Screen Time

If you go to the settings of your phone. The first thing that you will get to see in it.

Which is the major change. In this, a new option has been added within the screen time.

Which is very important. Screen time is one of the most amazing features. If you do not use it.

Then you learn to use it. Because it is a very good thing. In this you will get to see the communication limit.

That is, you can set the communication limit in your or your child’s phone. And with whom you can communicate so much during the call.

you can set it. If you want to apply restriction on yourself .

then you can allow yourself to have communication EVERY ONE.

this is a very good thing and a new edition.

3. emoji sticker ON/OFF

The next thing you will get to see is inside the general.

In general you will go to the keyboard, you will see emoji sticker in the keyboard.

Which you can also turn it off. If you do not use the emoji sticker too much.

Then you can turn it off This update will be seen inside the iPhone.

Apple brings its updates not for one or two phones, but for all its phones. Which is a very good thing.

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