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Invention has been making our life special. So today we will know about some such invention, which is very fantastic and very good.

Nowadays a lot of technologies are available in all over world wide. Which is very good and something becomes very special.
So let us know about 5 such technologies. Which is very good and usable. Which you can also use in your day today life.

So let’s discus, about some such new gadgets and the new technology hidden in them.

1.smart phone spy lens 

techto techonlgy                                           
You can call it a kind of spy lens. With the help of which you will be able to click photos from a 90 degree angle.
Because in normal camera, you can take face-to-face photos.
But with the help of this lens, you can do photography at a 90 degree angle. But if you use these very small gadgets.
So with this you can take a photo of the person sitting next to you. And it’s a nice gadget to keep an eye on together.
Hence it is kept in the category of spy gadgets. The special thing about this gadgets is that you will not need a third party app to use it.
You can use it by using your mobile camera. And it is quite easy to use it. It is fixed in a one tab in your mobile camera.
And if you also want to keep an eye on someone or if you are fond of photography, then you can use this gadget.

 2. Fitbit versa 2 


Talking about fitness watches, nowadays it is becoming more popular.
The reason for this is that it is very small in size. And the features are also more.
And in this compact thing you get a lot of fitness related things. Which monitors fitness.
And in this Fitbit, you will get very good build quality and quite good design.
In it you will find Alexa voice search which monitors a lot of things.
You will find many amazing features like reminders, login, calling and notification checks.
It stays with you like a fitness band. Where many amazing features like calorie counter, heart rate counter, and step counter will be seen.
This fitness watch will work like a wearing experience. That is, you can set it according to your dressing.
That is, you will get its stop. And if you are watching a similar watch, then this can be the perfect option for you.

3. HairMax LaserBand

tech to technolgy
Nowadays hair fall problem is very much. Be it girls or boy.
In both, this is happening too much. Actually, the reason behind this is our food and daily routine.
But we cannot do anything special about these two. Because no one has time in today’s busy life.
We all know this for ourselves and for catering. But the solution to this hair fall problem is with this technology.
If you are also troubled by hair fall and you want to prevent them as well as you want to regrow,
then you can use this gadget which is specially made for hair. And together it is also for growing hair.
This includes a medical grad laser sensor, which gives laser treatment to your hair. So that their Nourishment can be done well.
And talk about this treatment, it is much more right and safe. If you take medical etc. So you may have to face a lot of problems.
And they also have many side effects on the body. So these types of gadgets are very safe for you. You just have to apply it on your head.
And you will start in treatment. If you are also troubled by hair fall, then you too can use it.

NOTE: this device is not available in India . you can buy it from amazon shipping charges include for India.

4. Tour-box Photo and Video Editing Console

techto technolgy
Those people will like this gadget. Which do a lot of personal work.
That means if you are brought up with software like Photoshop. So this one gadget may be special for them.
Because it has a lot of controls. Which control with mouse becomes tuf.
But you can use this special gadget which is made from editing purpose. So it will prove to be perfect in this.
This gadget that looks like a game pad gets a lot of control. So that you can easily handle any typical software.
And it takes a few naps, etc. So that you can control its brightness. And with its navigation key, you can operate it well.
This gadget has been taken care of by the editor. In which you get to see a lot of customization.
That is, you can adjust and define these buttons and controls accordingly.
If seen in one way, you will not need the mouse and this scrolling in it. If you also use complex software like Photoshop.
So you should also try it once.

NOTE: this device is not available in India . you can buy it from amazon shipping charges include for India.



You have seen many such fitness watches. Where heart rate sensors are given. Where there is a heart rate or heart beat sensor.
But many people are confused. It tells heartbeat or blood pressure?
So I would like to remove your confusion. And Normal Watches gives information about Heartbeat only.
That is, he has no connection with blood pressure. But if you want such smart watches. Which you can check BP.
So this gadget is specially designed for BP.
Because its help you will be able to see your heart rate, but it also allows you to see blood pressure.
Because its back panel is designed something like this. As soon as you turn on its button, it opens automatically.
So that it can measure blood pressure with accuracy. It has a key processor. So that it can make blood major from acupressure.
And you will be able to check your BP sitting at home. It looks like a normal smart watch. Which has all the functions of smart watch.
But this device is designed to measure your blood pressure. And this device becomes quite important. For your daily routine purpose.

NOTE: this device is not available in India . you can buy it from amazon shipping charges include for India.

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