4 cool Gadgets for smart phones | In Amazon R.s 200 ,500 & 14k

We will tell you about some such best gadgets. Which you will find very easily on Amazon

You and all of us use smartphones. If you want to take your experience to the next level.

So you can use all these gadgets.

So let’s start. Which smart gadgets are better for you.

1. scan marker

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If a document has to be copied. So it becomes very much a headache.

Normally, we get Xerox copied. Or take a photo and keep it in your mobile. But somewhere it is not the perfect solution.

If you have to type a soft copy of that document from someone somewhere with your hand. Or you have to write somewhere.

Keeping this problem in mind. This marker is used. This is a very easy-to-use gadget. There is a small scanner inside it.

Which you can scan through anything and reach it on your computer and mobile. Which you will not have to type.

It may look like a small simple gadget. But it is a very powerful scanner gadget. Which is a device used in day today life.

2. phone stand

Let us put our phone somewhere in the desk.But this is not a perfect solution. It has a lot of chance.

That somewhere you can press your phone to move the goods.

Or it can fall and break. And if alarms and calls come in this mobile. So it vibrates a lot more than this.

If the phone is placed on your side. The phone falls down and breaks. If you want to avoid all this. Then you can use.

Not the best gadget that is a perfect mobile stand. These gadgets are designed this way. It does not have any mount.

Which you can put your phone in it. So it has a small space at the bottom. Where you have been given the option to set the phone.

And thus designed. That you will find a small hole in it. In which you can also use your charger pin and headphones.

If you use it in your office or home. So it will make your table beautiful. And this gadget becomes quite important for daily routine.

3. selfie flash light

If you are a selfie lover too. And if you click a lot of photos, then these gadgets are going to be very important for you.

Normal selfie does not flash. Which makes the photo quite dull.

If you want to get rid of this thing. So you can use this small gadget.

Which is specially designed for selfie lover. It is a ring light.

Which you have to put on your phone. Along with this, you will get to see a lot of brightness options in it.

That is the kind of photo you want. It will give you a photo of that way by clicking. It has a small battery.

Which you can charge with any charger. If you make a tik tok, etc. So this gadget is going to be very good for you

4.  Neck phone holder

If you are fond of watching movies. You will know that you have to hold your mobile for hours.

Or have to sit. Which sometimes becomes very boring. So if you want to avoid all these things then you can use them.

This cool gadget which is specially designed for mobile phone holders.

That is, you do not need to hold your mobile hours in your hands.

you will be able to hang it anywhere and watch the movie easily.

The advantage of this gadget is that you can do your other work with it. And you can also keep an eye on your phone.

This type of gadget becomes very important for your daily routine.

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