10th Gen Intel® Core™ will launch soon


In the technology world the name of the company Intel is very top on the market . here the some surprise by the Intel users who are uses of the Intel brand on there laptop and other things . so finally Intel brings us to 10th generation process on there new device. here we some fact about the new Intel core .let we discuss that what is in it.


The 10 generation of the Intel core processor powered system with new latest Intel Iris  plus graphics . that we can use in the gaming, streaming and creativity, use to faster way to the multi pal task, detailed, and vivid experience on highly portable devise. but entertainment experience is not only a way . they also provide a good battery for marathon work and play session . in short way the 10th generation Intel mobile processor bring big time entertainment and much more to ultra portable devices.

There are lot of advantage on he new Intel 10th Gen core .it have mobile processor in this segment ” built in AI integrated thunderbolt” 3 technology and Intel wifi 6, 4K HDR and more. the new Intel featuring new CPU and GPU architecture produced Intel advanced 10nm process .

Intel 10th Gen core will fast work on the laptop as well as it gives us to fast performance that we can do more with our laptop . it gives us to lot of benefit when we wll use it on the online work, play more heavy games and much more at the same time. and as well as we will work in multipal work in the same time . that the performance which is provide by the new Intel generation core. because AI technology feature in the new Intel processor.

Intel 10th Gen core have best in class connectivity with WiFi 6 and thunderbolt 3 technology. in the mobile processors connectivity provide world class fast reliable and versatile wireless and wired connectivity. that keep you connect with the world and you also connected with your family. that you can use your server to the very fast way.


In new Intel have ultra vivid next generation graphics .the new graphics support incredibility rich and vivid entertainment experiences like 4K HDR and 1080p of the gaming . that gives you more power or performance on the 10th Gen. the new Intel core processors with Iris plus graphic and Intel UHD graphics brings immersive, visually stunning experiences to laptop.

The designs of the new laptop, fast and paced lives, that enabling with the most innovative computers. and in designs with the power of AI, next generation graphics and best in class connectivity. that gives you a super experience in the good way . this processor and laptop for those who are always on the go.

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